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I know A LOT of people LOVE their phones, as for me I HATE!!!!!!!!! it.
1. It's slow to turn on and off, sometimes even a full minute has to pass by until it's ready to be used. This really pisses me off! What if I'm in danger and about to get hurt or worse! While I'm waiting for the damn thing to load up some rapist could have his way with me by then!
2. I hate people overall. I hate when they text me over stupid shit. I have when they leave love ass stupid voice messages. I hate when they can't take a god damn hint when to hang up when you're not in the mood or not giving a shit on what they have to say on the other end. I hate when you're X keeps calling/texting you and they fill up your mail box and I HATE it when people just plain call you for no god damn reason!
3. I hate the god damn fact that my phone has to jam your damn thumbs into this thing just for each damn letter and when the buttons are so small you end up with a text ending up looking like you're damn drunk and on top of that your thumbs hurt like a bitch!
4. I hate to throw a name out their but my friend Nick SUCKS at texting! And with my phone it's a double bitch! Unlike an iPhone where it's like a chat room while texting my god damn piece of shit of a phone cuts up off in mid sentence when Nick or anyone else tries to text me back! Just pretend you're in the middle of a conversation with someone and you keep being cut off from the one you're talking too!
"Hi Stephanie! You wanna go to the movies some time this weekend?"
" room and...-"
*Last message you were about to sent gets deleted and you have to start over!"
"How about 3?"
*Last message you were about to sent gets deleted and you have to start over! AGAIN!"
"No...I'm the...m0-" *Redoes the 0 to make it into a o." "No...I'm the...mood.."
*Last message you were about to sent gets deleted and you have to start over! FUCKEN AGAIN!"
"Buddy will drop us off! 8D"

GOD DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5. Also when people can't take the damn hint on saying "No!" to a topic they don't drop it! They will keep texting you until you say "yes" to their stupid idea!
6. I HATE people when they sent a fucken long ass text message! WHY DO PEOPLE DO THIS?! JUST SEND ME A DAMN VOICE MAIL MESSAGE!
7. I don't have apps on my phone that you can touch and play "Flappy Birds" or nothing like that! Hell my phone doesn't even have a god damn touch screen! And no apps of any kind! Not even a map to help me to get lost! I was so scared when I was lost this one time in MN!
8. No internet with this damn thing! That means I can't pass the time having fun with other people unlike everyone else!
9. I hate the fact I have to do this award STUPID thing where I have to call over someone and wait to load of my step ma's laptop and wait for it to loads up and wait to find the thing and wait until they get mad at me or give me a damn look on their faces looking like they're annoyed!
10. I HATE it when I'm out in a public place like a party for example and everyone is one their phone talking about a subject I really do like to talk about it! And when they wipe out their phones and show a video or something all I can do is just stand their and agree! I know this isn't a big for some people but to me it's a big deal because I'm being a part of something! And my dad was ALWAYS disappointed in me when I'm always failing to socialize with others! HOW IS IT MY FAULT YOU GOT ME A SHITTY PHONE SO YOU CAN SAVE $12 A MONTH?! Fucken shit lick.
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  • Playing: 3DS
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  • Drinking: Soda


United States

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Hello there, I'm a huge fan of your Baby Sonic story and I say you do a really good job on it and keep up the good work on it. =3
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