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Dear Baby Sonic lovers, with a very heavy heart I must report to you this sad news.
I have no idea how I'm going to end the last chapter due to the fact I can't make a final decision on to keep Amy Rose alive or to let her die, too many people kept sending notes on how to end this series ad hoestly most of them were pretty good!
But however half kept Amy alive and the boys became a family while the other half killed off Amy like I've originally planned but besides that there where so many aftermaths besides her death; like how Shadow got over Maria and Knuckles set out to find a family of his own inside of cutting himself and finally forgetting his horrible family's history on really being all wiped out in once day and for Sonic he finally remembered his real mother but doesn't really care because Amy gave him so much love over the years.
So I ask you all this final favor;
Write your own final chapter(s) for Baby Sonic because all I really wanted was to make everyone happy with this little series but I can't think of how to end a great story so I'm leaving you with the ultimate power of closing up this story.
Please leave a link to your chapter(s) in the comments below and have fun ending this thing for once and for all. :)
Your Choice On Baby Sonic's Final Chapter
Honestly ever side I've started this story back in high school I had so much fun and I wouldn't change it any other way.
But the real treat was all u guys and making me feel good about myself when I wrote this story when I was going through a dark time when ether it was my family, my school life or even my social life that was getting me down, I didn't really have any special talents or anything like that but here she I wrote and people complented one or my work it really meant a lot to me, more than anyone would know.
So thank you and I love you all.
Have anybody did something so bad they did something they regretted the next day or so?
Honestly I was so mad at my older sister Jen I've posted this stupid "how to get revenge" posting here on DA...honestly I really feel bad...I really can't remember why I've posted that in the first place...but I think it was because about my older sister Jen telling me to clean out my rabbit's cage for a few days and I couldn't because my dad kept forgetting to grab some bedding from the store and it was a REALLY long time until he got some...and before he got some I've yelled at my sister Jen to stop "nagging" at me because there was nothing I could do about it...I was waiting on my dad to grab some so I could clean my rabbit's cage out...
But the real reason I was mad besides my sister was telling me to do something so simple was the fact I've remembered my step sister Alex had a pet Gennie pig had rarly took care of cleaning it's cage out...
So when I told her she should take care of her pets she said I don't need to be told by me since, well you all know by now. So I've got yelled at by my dad the second or third time around and I got sent away for three months to my Aunt's Rose house with her wife who was really short tempered and yelled at everyone and smashed things once in a while while I was get sent away for a whole summer for telling someone to take better care of their pets but when it's the other way around I've noticed my dad got me an XXX large bag of rabbit bedding in order from me and Jen to stop fight about the issue...
For the record I've really did tried asking my dad to pick some earlier but he kept forgetting when made me look like a bad caregiver to my pet which lead me having an argument with my sister Jen when got me so mad that I wrote that stupid posting about "getting revenge" on her when I was in a bad mood...I wasn't thinking clearly...
I mean sister get mad at each other all the time (it's like a law or something. :/ ) but I can't help feel demoted, useless and overall...can't seem to do anything right in my family's eyes...but I was traded in a "lose-lose" situation...
But that was not right to treat Jen, my older sister that way...
She tried helping get a job...
Got me an Oswald the Lucky Rabbit plushie with a funny back story to go along with it...
Listened to my issues when I was having a mental breakdown after college...
Even before this she even invited me to her lovely wedding, which was at my favorite places to be.
Honestly I felt really bad for posting that stupid thing here on DA...and if I could do it again I would have never sent it out...I guess I was so mad when I see someone else do the exact same thing here when I do it only to get off the hook with it or very little tissues with it to just see sometime later I have the issue and everyone tells me "you can't handle anything!" or "Why should we listen to you?" Things like's just so hard when you're the Meg Griffin in the group when everyone feels like it's completely hypocritical or you're getting thrown under the bus by your own loved ones...
I do feel like most of the time the unwanted one or the demoted one in the family...
But I'm getting off topic...
I just wanted to say I'm sorry're a good big sister and even though we do fight at times...I am sorry and I really don't know how to take our relationship...I wish mom was here to help us out...


United States

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